Stop fighting the algorithm.

Get passive leads and sales on tap.

Yes . . . even before the New Year!

Cindy got over 400 leads within 3 weeks!

What if I told you that you don't have to wait until Black Friday?

Get up to 50% off . . . now!

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Facebook Ads Bundle

The bundle that helps you grow your sales, leads, AND following quickly without social media!

Absolutely Ads

[self-paced online course]

Valued at $2,629

Absolutely Ads is a Facebook and Instagram ads course designed with beginners in mind. This self-paced online course allows you to quickly set up your ads for success without the frustration and stress.

Click here for more details.

Follower Faucet

[self-paced online course]

Valued at $2,067

In Follower Faucet, I teach the step by step 10-minute and $1 dollar a day framework to help you grow your Instagram followers and bring in new coaching clients with ads.



[live training]

Valued at $1197

Accelerate your sales cycle with automation! In this live masterclass training, you will learn how to automate not only your sales but your visibility too!

Don't miss out . . . There are 82 (out of 100) spots left at $197!

FYI - the price will increase to $397 after Black Friday

I'm all about getting you results . . .

Wait! Hold up . . .

Do you need direct access to an Ads expert too?

No worries. I got you!

Learn how to utilize Facebook Ads with group coaching . . .

LIVE. Every week.

Group Coaching Bundle

Accelerate your sales cycle with months to minutes with me helping you at every step!

Group Coaching

[Live weekly video coaching sessions]

Valued at $2800

If you know or feel like you’re going to need extra hand holding (kudos on the self awareness) the 6 weeks of group coaching will be perfect for you! To learn more click here.

You get me to look over all of your ad assets like:

  • 🌮 Weekly Group Coaching + Q&A

  • 🌮 Private Group Support WITH Loom Video Replies

  • 🌮 Expert Eyes On Your Ads & Funnels

  • 🌮 Check your copy

    🌮 Give you suggestions on your creative

    🌮 Tell you which campaigns objectives & strategies to use

    🌮 Help you with your targeting

    🌮 And even analyze your results to identify what can be improved

Absolutely Ads Bundle

[EVERYTHING included above]

Valued at $5,893

I always want to make sure that you have everything you need to be successful!

So yes! You get everything that is included in the Absolutely Ads Bundle above.

It is great to have the resources you need to refer back to between our calls or sometime in the future.

Don't miss out . . . There are 8 (out of 10) spots left at this price.

Side note: The price will increase to $597 after Black Friday

What others are saying about Absolutely Ads . . .

How It Works

How It Works

How It Works

Your Marketing Genie

Your Marketing Genie

I’m a professional marketer, meaning people pay me to make them money with Facebook Ads & Funnels, and my goal is to put more money in YOUR hands.

I created this course because you deserve to have someone who cares that you get results.

I’m not someone who stumbled upon something that "worked for me" and then turned around and started teaching it as if it would work for everyone.

Ads and business don't work like that.

Nope, this course (and everything I do) is not about “me.” I’ve marketed for billion dollar companies. I’ve watched a client’s ads bring in 330k in 3 quarters under the care of my strategy.

My students and small business clients, like yours, have crossed the $1.75 million mark and I want you to get in on that action!

Ashleigh Chanel

Why should I buy now instead of waiting until Black Friday?

That really depends on you but if you've been wanting to stop relying on social media to make a sale and you want to scale your business right now ( and in 2023) then I would highly recommend grabbing one of these Black Friday bundles before the spaces are filled and the price goes up.

Do I get access to you directly if I need additional help?

Yes and no.😜 If you invest in the group coaching bundle then . . . yes. With group coaching you'll get direct access to me for 6-weeks via Zoom. If you choose the ultimate FB ads bundle [that doesn't come with additional support] then . . . no. Keep in mind that even though you won't get direct access to me with the ultimate fB ads bundle, you can email me any questions you may have regarding the course.

What will the price be after Black Friday?

The Ultimate FB Ads bundle is currently $197 (50% off) and will increase to $397. The Group coaching bundle will increase from $397 to $597.

Will the Masterclass be live or pre-recorded?

The masterclass will be live and is schedule for January 11, 2023. You will receive an email within that week that will provide you will all the details with how to attend.

Where can I learn more about the Absolutely Ads online course?

This self-paced online course is a start-to-finish guide to Facebook Ad strategy for beginners and for tried this before quitters. For more details on Absolutely Ads click here.

Are these Black Friday bundles refundable?

You have 7 calendar days to decide if the online self-paced course Absolutely Ads is the right fit for you. Due to the nature of the group coaching, there are no refunds for any of the group coaching sessions.

What if I decide I need help after this Black Friday or Cyber Monday deal expires?

If you decide you need help, you can purchase a VIP Intensive or a one-on-one session. Feel free to send an email to discuss what options are a good fit for you.

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Disclaimer - Privacy Policy - Refund - Contact All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions

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